March 20, 2020

3 Ways to Make Social Distancing More Enjoyable

Let's face it. Self isolation may have seemed like an attractive idea back in 2019 when we were dreaming of patterned wallpaper and open shelving....

Let's face it. Self isolation may have seemed like an attractive idea back in 2019 when we were dreaming of patterned wallpaper and open shelving. But in 2020 we’re quickly learning it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But that’s ok, it’s what is best for us right now, and we understand that. However, just because we understand it, does not mean we can’t provide you with some entertaining content to lift your spirits and just maybe, inspire you.

In times like these, which are stressful and confusing for all of us, it is important that your home is your sanctuary. Even if it is also your gym, and your office, and your children’s playground. For that reason, we’ve come up with three things you can do to make sure your space stays as zen as possible over the next few weeks.

1: Separate your “work” space from your “living” space.

Not all of us have a separate room with a stunning BDI desk to convince us to work our hardest at home (but hey- if a BDI desk will help, you know where to find one). If your current at home office is the family room ottoman or the island in the kitchen, then we’ve got a tip for you. Create a designated work space. Find a space in your home that is quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, and set up shop. Make it professional, something to be proud of. And then, when your work is done for the day, shut down the laptop and the tablet, turn off the lights, and be done with the (work)day.

2: Don’t forget the ambiance

We’re not talking about dim lighting and Marvin Gaye playing in the background. Unless that’s what you’re into, then by all means! We’re talking about your favorite aromatherapy scent filling the air, a woodwick candle crackling on the side table and your favorite feel good jam coming through the speakers. These ideas may seem trivial, but surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good will help to keep your spirits high.

3. Keep your space tidy

We know, we know. “Easier said than done”. We get it. But you know what, grab the whole family. Give everyone a job they can conquer, and keep your space spic and span. If you were lucky enough to scoop up some disinfectant wipes, use some of those, too. Keep germs and clutter at bay. A clean environment promotes good vibes and good health! And seriously, what more do we need right now than good vibes and good health?

Since we've been working from home over the last few days, we've started to think about all of the additional items that could make a home office space complete.

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Michelle Chisick

Interior Designer

Growing up in the business, Michelle has worked on thousands of design projects