July 1, 2020

5 Design Trends of 2020 So Far

Here are 5 design trends of 2020 that will spark your imagination, hold your attention, and distract you from the world outside, even just for a little while.

Hello again! Here we are, still practicing social distancing, only a little more cabin fever- ish than we were yesterday. Here’s hoping that being forced to stay away from most exercise for an extended period of time motivates us to hit the gym after all of this. And here’s hoping being forced away from our friends for so long makes us appreciate them a little more the next time we can see them. 


For now, we will dive into 5 design trends of 2020. We hope to spark your imagination, hold your attention, and distract you from the world outside, even just for a little while. 


This one has been here for a minute. And by the looks of things, it’s here to stay. Whether you use it as an accent wall, or in a piece of accent furniture (pause to dream of a navy blue accent chair…) navy is a trend we are not sorry about. Pro tip- there is something about the way gold and navy work together that is sure to please even the non- believer. 


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Floral Wallpaper

In case you missed the memo, wallpaper is cool again, like really cool. Just not floor to ceiling, on all four walls. Floral print paper is fairly new, and we can admit we were scared at first, too. But it is gorgeous! It’s a great way to spruce up your accent wall. Choose a monochromatic color scheme for a more conservative look, or a bold and colorful print if you want to fully invest in the idea. 


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High Contrast Decor

We saw contrasting decor in 2019, too. But in a different way. Last year we dove head first into earth tones and used plants to contrast our simple color scheme. There was nothing quite like the bright green leaves of a fiddle leaf fig tree surrounded by natural fibre area rugs and cream walls, right!?

This year we’re taking contrast to a whole new level. We’re using the darkest colour in the palette- black. No, we are not going to paint our walls black. Well, on second thought, never say never. Maybe just one. But more realistically we’re talking about adding black and white art pieces or using black for your trimwork. Heck, maybe even bring in a piece of black fabric furniture, with a light coloured leg if you’re feeling really crazy. 


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Colour in the Kitchen

It’s a hard farewell, the one we bid to the all-white kitchen. We had great memories together, but it’s time to move on. We’re finding more colour in the kitchen these days and we’re loving it. We’re seeing coloured cabinets, one of our favourite looks is a deep muted green lower cabinet with a dark marble countertop and gold hardware. To top it all off, open upper shelves in natural wood. If a dark cabinet isn’t something you can manage, then opt for light, but with a hint of colour. Basically anything except for neon and white, are okay in the kitchen in 2020. 


mid-century modern wicker.

Wicker Furniture

Now don’t go running out to the patio and grab all your summer furniture to put into your living room, but wicker furniture is a 2020 trend. The key is to use it the right way. In pops. Like 2 wicker chairs with one modern sofa. Or a wicker table. The wicker brings earthy vibes into the space. These can be very relaxing. Wait until that first sunny day, you’ll want to curl up with your favourite book and relax, like you’re on vacation, at home. 


Whether you’re fascinated by the idea of a floral print wallpaper, or inspired by our favourite 2020 kitchen looks, we want to share in the excitement with you! Distract yourself from the craziness that is outdoors and put your energy indoors. Start designing that room you never have time for. And let us help! Give us a call, send us and email, or visit our showroom during our reduced hours. 

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We'd love to help you use this time to design your perfect space!

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