April 17, 2020

How to Style an Entryway Like a Professional

We may not have guests parading into our homes at this time, but there will be a time again when we do.

We may not have guests parading into our homes at this time, but there will be a time again when we do. And, when that time comes, we want to help you make sure they are blown away. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips to keep your entryway inviting and on trend. 


Colour palette

Keep your walls bright. And not the sunshine yellow type of bright, either. We mean airy and inviting colours like creams, whites, greys… you get the point. Why bright? Keep the space looking as large as possible! Using a neutral base like this also allows you to change up your space as often as you’d like, simply by adding or removing decor. 


Add a bench

Benches are ideal in an entry way because they can be multipurpose. If you use a bench like the West Bros Furniture Phase Storage Bench, you have a spot for your guests to sit and put on their shoes. And, you have tons of space to store all your very Canadian mitts, toques, and scarves. Benches are a great way to add functionality and livability to a space while simultaneously dressing that space up. 


Don’t forget the mirror

Listen, we might not all want to say it but we all know everyone likes to sneak a quick peek at their appearance. Whether they have just arrived, or are just heading out. Having a mirror right by your door allows for those last minute fixes. We have personally been loving the Train Car Mirror in gold from  Global Views. Mirrors also help to make spaces look and feel larger, which is great, because most of our entryways won’t be 500 sq ft. But if yours is… can we come over? 


Whether your entryway needs a little refresher, or needs everything from the ground up, we’re here to help! We’re offering all of our design planning services remotely, so that nothing skips a beat. Go here: https://www.interiorillusions.ca/design-services

We'd love to help you use this time to design your perfect space!

Michelle Chisick

Interior Designer

Growing up in the business, Michelle has worked on thousands of design projects